Hear What People Are Saying About “Sound Offering”

Robert Howard’s “Sound Offering” of solo piano music is a brilliant first milestone. It’s a hopeful testament to Music’s power to help us overcome challenges.
 This debut is a powerful and welcome contribution to our art in its own right.”

— Chris Whittaker, Music Director • Washington Heights Chamber Orchestra, New York, New York

Music video for "Mirage"

A note from Robert

 Robert  Howard  •  Composer  &  Piano

Welcome to this music website introducing my premiere work and album “Sound Offering”.
This is a personal sound novel in 14 chapters and it is hoped you will unplug and tune in for an just under an hour to hear these stories unfold...

 Contemplate... Consider... and Revere...
life through sound

Music is a most powerful way to universally Communicate, Celebrate and Renew.  This is my personal invitation to each of you to explore a song world I created and composed to memorialize friends passed. When sharing these compositions, I found that people were  touched and moved and this motivated me to create this collection of solo piano work and share it with a wider audience.

Much as Maurice Ravel drew inspiration out of grieving friends lost in WWII in his beautiful work  “Le Tombeau de Couperin”,  I made it a goal to create musical pieces to memorialize  friends and family lost in my own experience.  As compositions, inspirations and narratives developed “Sound Offering” took shape. Rather than biography, I choose to explore concepts and qualities these people gave to the world around them:   forgiveness in emulating  a church Hymn, meeting all people with compassion in the song “Eastern” and a search for more grace within in “Sole Solstice”.  

Welcome. You are invited to explore a “SOUND OFFERING”.  

Enjoy,   Robert Howard


Chimes: My personal favorite on Rob’s CD. This takes me beyond listening with my ears, to residing in the inescapable poignancy of human existence.” - Fran Carbanaro

— Sonoma County Vocal Coach, Composer, and Poet

Sound Offering

Robert Howard • Piano

1.     Mirage                            4:05
2.     Desolation’s View      2:31
3.     In Quiet                          3:18
4.     Loss                                 4:14
5.     Chimes                           4:12
6.     Eastern                           2:37
7.     Reflection                      4:07
8.     Mystery                           4:44
9.     Forgiveness Hymn     2:16
10.   Awakening                    3:34
11.   Orfeo Descends          6:11
12.   Sole Solstice                3:33
13    Winter Rain                  2:52
14    An Odd Dance             4:57

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