Reviews • Sound Offering

Maestro Chris Whittaker 

Conductor, Washington Heights Chamber Orchestra, NYC 

Reflection:  “I really like the color and harmony and use of the varying range of the piano. The melody and sequence are nice and Rob brings back his original idea in an unexpected way with a sweet ending.” 

Loss:  “Brooding and foreboding chords open the beginning. This piece is a very poignant, sometimes tragic, sometimes angry picture of Loss.” 
Chimes:  “Love how opening phrases evolve, like a conversation unfolding. There are beautiful surprises. The playing does such a fine job of controlling and slowing down the feeling of slow repeated Chimes. Bravo!” 

Awakening:  “Beautiful romantic melody opens at the beginning. What is awakening? With this longing melody and new agitato, almost dark ideas, this piece challenges the listener in a new way through a broad palette of colors”

Reviews :: Sound Offering

Fran Carbanaro  

Sonoma County Vocal Coach, Composer, and Poet 

Reflection: “Lush, sweet and tender, this piece is a snapshot of given life...melancholic...equinamous.” 

Loss:  “A delicate balance:  an interplay between holding ‘the gift’ gently--with reverence, and devastation of someone dear being taken from you.” 

Chimes: “My personal favorite on Rob’s CD.  This takes me beyond listening with my ears, to residing in the inescapable poignancy of human existence.” 

Hymn:  “A song of hope and celebration of the human spirit. A heart dance.” 

Dr. Rudolph Budginas

Piano and Digital Audio Coordinator, Santa Rosa Junior College, CA 

"I love Rob's compositions. Very moody and dramatic." 

In Quiet:  “This piece is great.  Loved the idea of empty chairs. This piece definitely creates a mood of emptiness.”  

Mirage:  "One of Rob's most technically difficult compositions...His playing is exciting and Rob displays great control over the piano."

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